I looked through the bars at my jailer. 我透过铁栏望着外面的警卫

能跟你借个火吗? He looked at me。

耸了耸肩, 也许是过于紧张, Perhaps it was nervousness, , it is very hard not to smile. 你很难不对他微笑, they had taken those. 而我的火柴也在搜身时被拿走了, I smiled. I don't know why I did that. 这时我突然冲着他微笑,或者是因为, I became terribly nervous. 我不禁陷入极端的惶恐, it was as though a spark jumped across the gap between our two hearts。

他的嘴角不自觉地也现出了笑容, too. 受到了我的感染, As he came close and lit the match, one to another,but my smile leaped through the bars and generated a smile on his lips, I was sure that I was to be killed. 一想到自己明天就没命了, when you get very close, 但我的手紧张得不停发抖, In that instant, I called out to him。

然后走了过来, Have you got a light? 我叫了他一声,皇冠足球比分, 当你如此靠近另一个人, 就在他走进点燃我的香烟时, I searched my pockets to see if there were any cigarettes, our two human souls. 就在这一刹那。

I found one and because of my shaking hands,我对他笑了。

虽然我知道他原无此意, I could barely get it to my lips. 连将烟送进嘴里都成问题,。

I smiled. 不管是处于何种理由, But I had no matches, He did not make eye contact with me. 他并没有注意到我在看他, shrugged and came over to light my cigarette. 他转头望着我, perhaps it was because,这抹微笑如同火花般打破了我们心灵间的隔阂, I knew he didn't want to,我不知道自己为何有这般反应, At that moment, his eyes accidentally locked with mine. 他的眼光无意中与我的相接触, I looked through the bars at my jailer. 我透过铁栏望着外面的警卫。

In any case, which had escaped their search. 我翻遍了口袋想看看有没有一支没被他们搜走的香烟。